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One of the key elements in glass construction is delivering the glass packed in the best possible way in one piece and on time.

We mainly use two delivery methods

Transport entrepreneur Esa Akkanen drives the company’s car. Esa is a private entrepreneur, but drives our deliveries with a Seloy truck. He has a large glass lifter, and his service is very popular especially when installing large and heavy glass units. The lifter can be used from 17 metres up to 700 kilos. For questions please contact our sales!

Kiitolinja is our primary co-partner in transport. They have a wide network to ensure deliveries almost anywhere.

However other transport companies are not excluded, so don’t hesitate to ask if you feel another company would better fit your needs.

We have several ways of packaging

The most common forms of packaging are metallic A-trestles, wooden trestles and wooden crates. We try to use metallic trestles with factory deliveries and wooden crates for deliveries to construction sites. The glass units can be packed as the customer wishes and in a specific order, which usually enhances logistics on site, speeds up the installation process and naturally lowers our customers’ expenses significantly. However our main concern with packaging is to deliver the glass in one piece.

Glass as a material is extremely accident-prone during transportation

Despite our best efforts, from time to time a glass unit is damaged or breaks during transport. In this case, depending on the delivery terms, the customer has the possibility to apply for compensation for the broken glass from our transport insurance and therefore be quickly provided with a replacement.