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TPS stands for Thermoplastic Spacer. A TPS-BU-insulating glass unit has a warm edge spacer, which makes the unit frost-free, durable and of extremely high quality. The surface temperature on the edge area stays significantly warmer than with conventional aluminium or steel spacers, thus keeping the element completely dry and free from condensation.

A thermoplastic spacer is ideal for any type of profile system because the width of the spacer can be changed as desired between 6 and 18 millimetres. The total thickness of the unit can easily be maintained with different glass thicknesses by changing the spacer width.

The structure of a TPS-BU-insulating glass unit is flexible, for it contains no metal. The flexible structure minimizes the risk of breakage on the edge areas. It also makes the use of special feature glass more versatile, for example by making it possible to freely choose the location of patterned glass surface. The SG-insulating glass units manufactured with a TPS-BU-spacer are now also CE marked.

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