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Integrated blinds

A maintenance free integrated blind system for insulating glass.

Inside an insulating glass unit the blinds are protected from dust, dirt and weather conditions. Integrated blinds are an elegant choice for both public buildings as well as private homes.

The blinds can be integrated into windows, doors and sliding doors and the can be combined with any type of framing system.
The blinds will be in between two glass panes, so they won't bend or brake. The element stays sealed and the components are very durable.
Integrated blinds never have to be cleaned and when the blinds are inside the sealed unit, it's also easier to clean the windows.

We use high-quality Italian ScreenLine® blinds. The manufacturer has decades of experience with many different types of setups, and all structures are tested. We offer both venetian blinds and pleated blinds as well as roller blinds in several colours. There's also a wide range of  manual as well as automatic control systems, and the controls have an antibacterial surface.

We don't just follow development, we push it forward.

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