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Fire protection glass

Seloy Oy is now also a fire protection glass processor. We offer fire protection glass from the Fireswiss product family – thus enabling us to offer an even wider selection of products, including CE-marked fire protection glass.

Glas Trösch has made a cool video about using fire protection glass. You van watch it here.

The water jet cutting system in our new fire protection glass department cuts glass with a high-class edge quality and pinpoint precision. The correct measurements of the fire protection unit make the installation process easier, and the high-class edge quality improves the durability of the glass in extreme conditions. Our fire protection glass is frost-proof up to -40° C.

In addition to the standard products, we offer also monolithic fire protection glass as well as insulating fire protection glass units. The insulating fire protection glass units are available with the state-of-the-art TPS-BU-spacer as well as composite- and steel spacers. The unlimited spacer width of the TPS-BU-spacer enables precise adjusting of the element width with thicker fire protection glass units. Together with the water jet cutting system, also shaped glass can be made with an exceptional quality. The U-value of 0,5W/m2KW can be achieved with a triple-glazed structure. (Additional information on TPS-BU-spacer.)

We offer solutions for the following fire-resistance classes for both indoor and outdoor use:

  • E/EW 30
  • EI15
  • EI30
  • EI60
  • EI90

Our production has been inspected and certified by Inspecta Oy

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