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Seloy Oy is a pioneer in manufacturing insulating glass units. In order to offer the highest quality and most extensive product range for all companies using insulating glass units, we continuously evolve and invest in our operation.


We manufacture insulating glass units for all purposes and projects.

Our latest investments include a water jet cutting system, fire protection glass processing and an entirely new ERP system. Our production lines as well as the quality scanners monitoring our production are state-of-the-art. All these investments ensure our products are of extremely high quality.

The quality of our products is being overseen by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland under the European standards (SFS EN 1279-1:2005, SFS EN 1279-5:2005, SFS EN 1279-6:2003, TR 332:2008).

We are the only company in Scandinavia and the second company in Europe to have all of our products CE-marked, including our SG-insulating glass unit when manufactured with a TPS-BU spacer.

We are a family business

Our roots run deep, our future is looking bright and our decision making is kept close. With our 30 years of experience, we can ensure the high quality of our technical consulting. Because of our vast knowledge, we are able to always provide the best insulating glass solutions to our customers’ needs.

As an indication of our know-how and quality, many of the most significant and demanding construction projects in Finland are completed using our insulating glass unit solutions every year. You can find examples of such projects from our references.