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Smart Glass

The so-called smart glass can be electronically switched from see-through to opaque.

Smart glass can be used in an outside window as a part of an IG unit, or as a simple glass surface indoors. Smart glass provides new possibilities for the use of space and is a good alternative for the use of traditional blinds and curtains.

Smart glass can be used for example in hospitals and healthcare centres to improve privacy in a modern and antibacterial way. In office environments smart glass is used to make the space more versatile. The use of smart glass in private buildings is increasing and it's a good option for traditional partition walls.

Smart glass can also be turned into a projection surface which allows it to be used for creating different atmospheres. A video of the product being used as a projection surface can be viewed below.

Seloy sells and promotes the product under the name SHADE.

Technical specs:

  • Max. size:1500 x 3500 mm
  • Glass thickness: 4+4, 5+5, 6+6 or 8+8 mm.
  • Sound reduction: Rw 36-39 dB depending on glass thickness
  • Off-state: Opaque
  • On-state: Clear
  • Haze: < 8 %
  • Reaction time: < 0,1 sec
  • Cabling: two electric cables

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