Touch Window

Seloy Live Touch Window is our innovative and state-of-the-art combination of a modern insulating glass unit and a transparent touch display. We, as highly respected pioneers in glass processing, have managed to find a way to combine both of these sensitive technologies into one ground-breaking technology.

With our product, you can show eye-catching content and engage people to interact with your brand. You will get more people to spend time with your products and increase the amount of walk-in customers. You can build different campaigns to attract potential customers inside or you can have your store open 24/7 to make actual window shopping available when closed. You can manage all your windows remotely and change content whenever you want, even for different times of day.

In modern buildings, regulations and requirements of energy efficiency give very high demands for the construction materials, especially for glass. Glass endures these needs exceptionally well and that increases the usage of glass in construction. With buildings being built solely with glass, there is rapidly decreasing space for physical advertising.

Our Touch Window can be combined with either a double-glazed or triple-glazed glass unit. Our glass unit can have all the features needed in a modern window, such as thermal insulation, solar control, sound reduction, fire resistance and burglary resistance, for example. All the technology is in between the glass panes, inside the unit. Because of that, the very sensitive technology is protected from vandalism, weather conditions and so on. The surfaces can be washed just like a normal glass unit.

When content is not projected, the glass is clear. It’s also possible to construct the unit with so-called smart glass, or privacy glass, so that the appearance when projected is opaque.

Content can be made on any platform and is then projected into the glass. The projector can be mounted depending on conditions available. Basically, you can use our product to achieve whatever you can achieve with a normal display and much more. Only sky is the limit!

Tech specs:

Touch Size: 30” – 167”
Glass size: up to 6000 x 3210 mm
Projection area: unlimited, depends on projector technology
Number of touches: 2 (touches up to 20 coming soon!)
Response: 10 - 20 ms response rate
Sensitivity: Can be adjusted. Can be used with gloves on.
OS Support: Windows, Linux
Detection: Capacitance
Hardware: Projector & PC
Output: USB 2.0 HID Device

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